Jiangsu to cement ties with sister cities in BRI countries

2023-11-16 10:55:14 | 來源:ourjiangsu.com

字號變大| 字號變小

The Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government held Wednesday in Nanjing a round table meeting on exchange and cooperation between sister cities along the China-Europe-Asia freight train route. 

70 representatives from local governments and chambers of commerce from countries along the Eurasian freight train, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Laos, Romania, Hungary, and the Netherlands, attended the opening ceremony.

Jiangsu is an important departure point for Eurasian freight trains and one of the earliest provinces in China to operate international freight trains. Currently, Eurasian freight trains are operated in Nanjing, Xuzhou, Suzhou, Lianyungang, and Nantong.

Since China's first international freight train was operated in 1992 in Lianyungang, the eastern bridgehead of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, Jiangsu has operated over 19000 international freight trains, with 15000 trains operated by Lianyungang.

Jiangsu has operated 24 Eurasian freight train routes on a regular basis to connect Europe, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia, including more than 20 cities in 17 countries in Europe, nearly 50 cities in 5 countries in Central Asia, and nearly 80 international stations in 6 cities in 4 countries in Southeast Asia, forming a new Eurasian land-sea intermodal transportation channel with Lianyungang as the bridgehead.

The China-Europe-Asia freight train route has not only created a golden channel for interconnectivity and economic and trade exchanges among countries but also paved the way for friendly exchanges between China and Asian and European countries.

An increasing number of cities on the Eurasian freight train have established international sister relationships with major cities in China, promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the people of Jiangsu and countries along the route.

This event has reached a broad consensus on enhancing mutual trust, strengthening practical cooperation, and injecting new development momentum between Jiangsu and friendly cities along the China-Europe-Asia freight train route.