Jiangsu steps up compilation of regional chronicles

2023-11-16 10:53:51 | 來源:ourjiangsu.com

字號變大| 字號變小

East China's Jiangsu province will step up the compilation of regional chronicles at the township and village levels, according to a provincial working meeting held on Tuesday. Ma Xin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, addressed the meeting.

Local chronicles are important carriers for inheriting and showcasing the Chinese civilization, and are treasures of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, according to a statement released after the meeting. 

All regions and government departments must speed up the compilation of town and village chronicles, faithfully record and demonstrate the new practice of the Chinese path to modernization in Jiangsu, the statement said.

The compilation of regional chronicles must highlight the correct political direction, objectively record the development trajectory and historical changes of towns and villages, and showcase the achievements and accumulated experience of Jiangsu's towns and villages since the reform and opening up, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, said the statement. 

Efforts must be made to improve the quality control system of the compilation of regional chronicles so as to reflect the work of Jiangsu at a high level, truly reflect the entrepreneurship of the people, better serve and promote regional coordinated development and new urbanization strategies, and diversify the development and utilization of township and village chronicles.